Keep climbing plants upright!

Fed up of your cane supports falling over or having to use multiple canes?

Like many good ideas, it’s the simple ones that are most effective and so it is with Verty®

If you have ever grown tomatoes or similar in a pot, you will appreciate keeping the supporting canes upright can be rather tricky, over the growing season, especially when space is at a premium.

This innovative, reusable support will keep canes secured in your pot. By anchoring your support cane securely, your tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and other climbing plants can grow upwards, safely remaining upright.

If used in the pot, as you prick out and initially transplant seedlings, Verty® then helps lift out the root ball of seedling as they grow and are potted on, without damaging their root system.  

The Verty® ‘leaves’ open out to increase stability in a larger pot for cane stability in larger pots.

Designed to help you lift out seedlings without damaging their roots and then opens out to fit in a larger pot.



“Verty® is a simple to use, clever device. Makes plant supporting a doddle in any pot.” 

Made using recycled plastic

Fits a standard 1cm cane

*Cane and pot not supplied.